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On-demand webinar | Ready to watch 3 July

How AI-powered cybersecurity can improve quality of experience

We understand the top challenges operators are facing right now. You want to reduce churn, all while providing more value-added services and repeatable revenue opportunities.

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In this panel discussion, you'll learn why traditional core DNS servers, much like basic alarm systems that alert you only after a break-in, are no longer sufficient. What's needed now are solutions that offer continuous monitoring and proactive threat response.

You'll find it useful if:

You’re a telecoms executive working in areas like Product, Propositions, Brand, Marketing, CX or Security, and are looking to:

  • Accelerate your time-to-market
  • Differentiate your offerings
  • Protect your market position
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve your network's security posture
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We believe cybersecurity is better when it's is applied to the one thing that’s always on: routers. 

Software-powered routers are key, providing operators with the agility, data insights, and proactive protection required to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats–keeping your network secure, and the people and businesses who use it, protected. 

The speakers

The discussion, led by Mark Mullings, Chief Growth Officer at BlackDice; will include expert insights from Paul Hague, CEO, and Paul Jenkins, Co-Founder and CISO.

Mark Mullings CGO BlackDice

Mark Mullings

Chief Growth Officer, BlackDice

Paul hague CEO BlackDice

Paul Hague

Chief Executive Officer, BlackDice

Paul PJ Jenkins

Paul Jenkins

Co-Founder and CISO, BlackDice

Here's what's covered:

We'll discuss how a combination of hardware and AI-driven software can integrate cutting-edge cybersecurity features with your existing infrastructure and services.

For product managers:

→ Integrating advanced cybersecurity with existing services 

→ How to scale security across device and network landscapes 

→ How to speed up your time-to-market for new value-added services

For commercial / CX leaders:

→ Insights for differentiating your offerings in a crowded market 

→ How to reduce churn and enhance QoE by offering top-tier security/safety features 

→ Insights to boost average revenue per user with value-added services 

For security specialists:

→ Balancing robust security with smooth network performance, for growing networks

→ How to integrate new security features with your existing SOC tools and infrastructure

→ Strategies for advanced threat detection and automated remediation

Don't miss this opportunity to address your biggest challenges. Learn how AI-powered routers are the key to helping you scale security across device landscapes, boost quality of experience and facilitate growth. 


The webinar recording goes live on 3 July, and by registering, you’ll be the first to know when it's ready.